The following list is a description of what you get out-of-the box when you onboard your first device.

Customizations and changes will be charged based on the effort to implement, just tell us what you need and we will give you an estimated effort/price…

(schedule: every 12 hours)

  • collect Hardware and Software Inventory data
  • keep history of Inventory data
  • Web-Interface to show Inventory data
    • Visualize changes in inventory on a timeline
  • Default Inventory Classes:
    • Audio, BIOS, BitLocker, CDROM, Computer, Defender, Defender-Signature, Disk-Drive, Disk-Partition, Firewall, Local-Admins, Local-Groups, Local-Users, Logical-Disks, Memory, Office365, Optional-Features, OS, Printer, Processor, QFE, Services, Share, Software, TPM, Video, WOL
  • Custom Inventory
    • everything you can collect with PowerShell, can be inventoried.

Compliance Settings
(schedule: every 30 minutes )

  • check App-Locker
  • check Attack Surface Reduction (ASR)
  • check BitLocker and backup the recovery key
    • get BitLocker-Recovery-Keys from the Web-Portal
  • check Defender Settings
  • check Defender Threats/Virus
  • check and configure Deliver-Optimization
  • check Disk-Space
  • check and configure Fast-Boot
  • check Firewall
  • randomize local admin password (every 8 hours)
    • show local Admin passwords from the Web-Portal
    • create/update local admin passwords in Realtime from the Support-Console
  • manage local Administrators
    • Web-Interface to manage Local-Admins
    • grant admin access on individual devices
    • expiration date for time limited admin accounts
  • check Office
  • check Secure-Boot
  • check and cleanup Windows\Temp
  • check TPM
  • check Windows Updates
  • Logon-Script (e.g. for Drive-Mappings) in the context of the user

Software Update Management

  • check and update preinstalled Software (e.g. when device is locked and no metered connection exists)
  • the following software will get automatic updates:
    • 7-Zip, AbaClient, Adobe Air, AdobeReaderDC (MUI), Azure Information Protection, Code, Dropbox, Edge, Everything, FileZilla, Flash Player, Google Chrome, GIMP, Firefox, KeePass, Java Runtime 8, Notepad++, Office Timeline, OneDrive, Paint.NET, PDF24, Power BI Desktop, Putty, QTranslate, VCRedist 2012 – 2019, ShockwavePlayer, TeamViewer, Teams, VLC, VSTO2010, WinSCP, WinRAR
  • over 600 other Products available
  • custom software products can be implemented if required
  • a dashboard with all missing products is part of the Web-Portal
  • the Software will be downloaded from a secure Content-Delivery-Network (CDN)
  • all downloads will verify the file integrity by checking hash or X509 signature
  • push Software in Realtime to running devices by using the Support-Console
  • all software update activities are logged

Defender Threat/Virus alerting

  • Realtime alerting by mail in case of a detected threat
  • Dashboard with affected Devices/Users and status of threats
  • Web console to trigger a Scan/Reboot or other custom PowerShell activities on online devices
  • on offline devices, threat details will be collected on next compliance/inventory cycle when device is online

Realtime management web-console

  • see all online devices (incl. Location, LastReboot, RebootPending, UserOnline, OS and OSVersion property)
  • trigger built-in activities (e.g. shutdown, reboot, UserMessage etc.) on one or multiple devices
  • run custom PowerShell scripts on one or multiple devices and get the output in the Web-Console
  • install Software from the Software Repository on one or multiple devices
  • Web-based PowerShell-Console (also on MacOS and Linux)

OS Deployment

  • Tool to generate bootable USB-Sticks with the latest Version of Windows10
  • Tool to synchronize USB-Stick with latest Version or configuration changes (delta download)
  • Web-Interface to customize OS Installation:
    • OS Edition (Professional | Enterprise | Education)
    • Localization and Language Settings
    • Organisation Name
    • pre-Installed Software (e.g. O365, Teams etc.)
  • Operating-System Images will be updated every 1-2 Month
  • current available Languages
    • German
    • English(United States)
    • French
    • Italian
  • CSV export for Microsoft Auto-Pilot
  • automatic Auto-Pilot registration